Peter Whittle On Why Ukip Wants To Ban The Burqa

23 April 2017, 09:29

Ukip's Peter Whittle Tells Andrew: 'We Want To Ban The Burqa'

Ukip's Deputy Leader Peter Whittle joined Andrew in the studio to discuss one of the party's policies for the up an coming snap election.


The Deputy Leader of Ukip Peter Whittle joined Andrew Castle to explain why the party wants to ban the burqa in public.

Aside from Brexit, Peter Whittle said one of the key issues of this snap election is integration - and Ukip sees banning the burqa as key mending a "fragmented" Britain. 

He said: "Alongside Brexit we know that there are huge issues which matter an awful lot to people, and one of those is the sense in which our society is becoming more and more fragmented. 

"That multi-culturalism in the kind of public sense has failed and is led to separation and we want, basically, for people to be integrated and more united. 

"And so, with that in mind, we have come forward with some proposals which we would implement as a party, which we will be announcing tomorrow [Monday]."

Andrew quizzed Mr Whittle on what he meant by that - this is what he said.

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