A Former Policeman's Damning Reasons For Leaving The Force

8 October 2017, 18:16

Daniel was a policeman for 10 years until he became disillusioned with the job.

In the wake of the Natural History Museum crash discussion has inevitably moved to the response of the emergency services, and their ability to cope with the incident in the wake of government cuts.

Daniel called Andrew Castle to talk about drink driving, before Andrew asked him why he left his job of 10 years.

Andrew speaks to former policeman Daniel
Andrew speaks to former policeman Daniel. Picture: LBC

Daniel's reply was damning: "I was very sad to leave because I loved the job. It was a combination with disillusionment with the system, the changes, the government cuts really impacted frontline policing, which impacted on morale and the criminal justice system.

"I got bored of doing all the work for the courts to let serial burglars off with a slap on the wrist.

"As you saw yesterday emergency responders love their job, we work with the most amazing people and love helping members of the public.

"The circumstance conspired unfortunately, and all those factors made me think: do I really want to do this anymore?"

Watch the whole interview above.

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