The Question About Corbyn That Set Off His Fans

22 April 2017, 08:59

Andrew Castle Winds Up Corbyn Fans With This Question To Gisela Stuart

This is the question from Andrew Castle that seemed to really irk some Jeremy Corbyn fans. Was it fair?


Andrew Castle asked outgoing Labour MP Gisela Stuart what he thought was a fair question about the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. His fans did not agree...

It's not the most shocking question given Corbyn's popularity in the polls and Gisela had no problem answering it, but for some Corbynites it was a step too far.

Andrew asked the prominent Leave campaigner: "How embarrassing is it on the doorstep? How difficult is it on the doorstep to have him as the leader of the party?

"It's not a surprise to anybody...that he's a difficult sell on the doorstep, isn't he?"

Stuart didn't take umbrage at the question, telling Andrew it was down to individual Labour MPs to make their own case to their constituents - and that Corbyn was very popular in some places.

It got a reaction from some of the Labour leader's fans on Twitter, including user Henky7 who accused Andrew of not being balanced and Andy Perkins who said he was being negative.

But for Andrew, it's a perfectly legitimate question to ask. Do you agree?

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