Andrew Has A Message For 'Remoaners'

24 December 2016, 11:59

Andrew Pierce Delivers A Message To Remainers

Andrew Pierce has a message for bitter Remain voters following reports that the economy has grown in the third quarter, despite predictions of a recession post-Brexit vote.

Andrew Pierce's Message For 'Remoaners'

Andrew Pierce has something to say to 'Remoaners' following the release of figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which suggest that, despite predictions of a recession post-Brexit vote, the economy has actually grown.


Before the vote, economists and Remainers warned that a vote to leave would result in an instant shock to the economy and, in turn, a recession. 

But figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that the economy has grown by 0.5 per cent in the third quarter, and many leading economists have said that the UK will avoid recession this year. 

Following the reports, Andrew Pierce delivered a message to 'Remoaners': "If you are a Remainer, isn't it time now just to get on with it and accept the British people have spoken? 

"We're leaving the EU and actually, contrary to all the doomsayers, the economy is doing rather well. And remember: Nissan - major investment in Britain, McDonald's - major investment in Britain, Apple - major investment in Britain. 

"Isn't that the real measure of Brexit? The fact that people are still coming here and still investing here? Or are you still in denial and still determined to get another referendum?" 

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