Andrew: The Shocking Reason You'll Never Hear Senior Employees Criticise The EU

12 March 2017, 09:18

Andrew Reveals The Shocking Reason Senior EU Employees Don't Criticise It

Andrew Pierce explains why you'll never hear a senior European Union employee criticise the EU.


Andrew Pierce explains why you'll never hear a senior European Union employee criticise the EU.

On his Friday evening LBC show Andrew Pierce was speaking about Jean-Claude Juncker's comments. 

Mr Juncker, The European Commission President, said he hopes Britain will re-join the European Union in the future.

Andrew, a passionate Brexiteer, doesn't want to re-join the EU at any point, and revealed one of the reasons why he thinks it is 'corrupt'.

He was speaking about the Kinnock family when he said: "Just on the Kinnocks actually, it's quite right they do have a huge pension between them, because of course Mrs Kinnock it was an MEP for a number of years, and Stephen Kinnock once worked for the EU, and Lord Kinnock was an EU Commissioner, and they do have a gold plated pension.  

"Do you know senior employees of the EU lose their pension if they criticise the EU in public? That is not a word of exaggeration or distortion. So if Neil Kinnock, Lord Kinnock, or Lord Mandelson, another former trade commissioner, or Chris Patten, the Conservative who was also an EU Commissioner.  

"If they began to publicly criticise the EU, their fat-cat-gold-plated pensions would be withdrawn. So you will never hear a word of criticism from any of those who actually worked in EU in the most senior levels, who saw for themselves the corruption, the incompetence, the overmanning, because it would hit them right there in the pocket.  

"What an utterly corrupt rule that is. You can't be rude, you can't be critical, even if it's objective, and legitimate, and justified, because it will undermine your pension. What a disgrace.

"Thank God we're leaving that rotten old organisation. But Mr Juncker says we could go back, and I'm asking what you make of that idea."

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