Caller's Extremely Feisty Defence Of Jeremy Corbyn

14 April 2017, 10:44

Caller's Feisty Defence Of Corbyn

Tom from Hayes phoned Andrew Pierce to defend the Labour leader - and he got pretty riled up.


This caller got very riled up while speaking to Andrew Pierce about the Labour leader - so much so, he hung up.

Andrew Pierce was standing in for Nick Ferrari this morning and discussing Labour MP Diane Abbott's comments that 'most of Labour's support is down to Corbyn'.

That's when Tom from Hayes phoned in - and he was not happy about Andrew's less-than-favourable analysis of Jeremy Corbyn.  

Andrew asked the caller about his thoughts on Corbyn and he said: "I think I'll answer my own questions, if you don't mind Andrew.

"Well you've pretty much given Jeremy Corbyn a bit of a working over."

Andrew replied: "Well I tell you what Tom, I'll just tell you why, because the poll that I read at the weekend gave the Tory leader, the Tories have been in power for seven years, the biggest lead over the leader of the opposition in polling history. 

"That's why I give Corbyn a hard time."

Tom hit back: "It might have something to do with people like you."

Watch the rest of the heated debate above. 

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