Former Prisoner Stunned Andrew With What He Said About Spice In British Jails

6 August 2017, 14:11

Former Prisoner Pinpoints Spice Problem In Jail

Former Prisoner Pinpoints Spice Problem In Jail


The former legal high sweeping the streets and turning the homeless into "zombies" is also rife in prisons - but this former prisoner's take on it may surprise you.

Spice, a former legal high, is often referred to as the "zombie" drug, thought to be common in the homeless population because of its low price and 'numbing' qualities.

It has been the subject of controversy and you can read more about it here.

The banning of the former legal high has reportedly driven the sale of it underground, putting its users at further risk.

But while many have called for a harder crackdown on the substance, one former prisoner, Jason from Watford, phoned Andrew Pierce to give a different take on the subject.

The father explained to Andrew that the drug is extremely popular in prisons, but that he preferred that his fellow inmates were 'zombified', than running riot in the understaffed and overcrowded jails.

Watch the clip to hear what he had to say.

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