Grenfell Resident Sickened By The Area's Fledgling Tourist Trade

30 September 2017, 18:24

"I can still hear a man calling for help from that tower block, and to have people come here and take photos of this tragedy is sick."

Last week a coach of Chinese tourists was seen to stop near Grenfell Tower, with passengers then photographing the burnt out shell of the building.

The group's guide was sent back to China and bus driver suspended after the unscheduled stop at the site where more than 80 people died.

Shirely, a resident of the Tower's nearby walkways, called Bev Turner to talk about tourism in the area.

She said people regularly stopped to take pictures and spoke of her rage at their lack of sensitivity: "I live directly underneath the tower. People stop to take pictures all the time - it's awful.

"I feel angry. We're not a tourist destination. We have to live with this on a daily basis, we all saw what happened on that night. That will stay with me forever, even now I can still hear a man calling for help.

"To have people come here and take photos of this tragedy, to me, I don't know, it's sick."

Watch the whole interview above.

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