Homeless Man: "I'm Living Proof Of The Council's Failure"

11 August 2017, 15:15

A local council told this man that it was "not a priority" to find him somewhere to sleep, despite him sleeping in the park for six months.

Dean called Clive Bull to tell how he came to be sleeping rough - and why the Enfield Council simply won't help him.

He said: "There's a local park in Enfield where I've been staying. I tried to stay with friends and family, but the stigma attached to being homeless means you get looked at completely differently.

"People lose faith in you as an individual. You're trying everything you can to get back on your feet, but when you're in this situation, it's a very tough experience."

Despite sleeping rough, Dean said the council haven't been able to help.

He added: "The council assess you as priority or non-priority. Even though I have mental health issues, a male of my age is not considered a priority.

"I'm living proof of the failures of the local authority."

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