Your TV Has Been Spying On You: How MI5 Hacked Your Telly

8 March 2017, 08:35

How MI5 Have Been Spying On You Through Your TV


Wikileaks have released documents showing that MI5 have been spying on people through their TVs. A tech expert told LBC how it happens.

Fevzi Turkalp told Clive Bull that spies found a method of spying on us using Samsung TVs - and it's not a surprise becase Samsung admitted they were doing that as well last year.

He also suggested that people are being spied on using their smartphone, tablet, laptop or even your lightbulbs.

Mr Turkalp said: "Some of the latest smart TVs have a microphone built into them to allow you to have voice control over the TV set, which is very useful. That means everything that you say can be recorded.

"There was actually a scandal about this last year when Samsung was discovered to be recording everything and sending it off to a third company that did the voice-to-text conversion."

But it's not just your TV that could be listening to you. Amazon Echo, central heating and even your lightbulbs could be hacked to spy on you.

Mr Turkalp's message was very clear: "Don't say anything in front of a smartphone or other smart device that you wouldn't want to be made public."

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