Cristo Foufas Can't Believe Kelvin MacKenzie's Column

30 April 2016, 09:29

Kelvin Mackenzie

Cristo Foufas reviews Kelvin MacKenzie’s first Sun column after the Hillsborough inquest verdict - and can’t believe his eyes.

MacKenzie - who was editor of the Sun when it ran its infamous ‘The Truth’ front page - did apologise to West Ham owners David Sullivan and David Gold for a previous column on Bobby Moore.

But he said nothing about the claims The Sun had made, that were entirely rejected by the inquest.

“You’ve actually made a retraction about a football-related story in your column after the Hillsborough verdict, and it’s nothing to do with Hillsborough,” Cristo exclaims.

“This is the most odious, foul individual.

“Four stories in his column [and] absolutely nothing to do with Hillsborough. Brilliant.”

Take a listen to Cristo’s rant above.

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