Cristo Vs. 'Muslims Are Maggots' Caller

Cristo Foufas

LBC's Cristo Foufas shut down a caller who thinks that all Muslims are 'maggots' in this great exchange.


Ryan in Sunderland called Cristo to explain why he thinks Muslims are not welcome in Britain, during a conversation about how we think about attacks on refugees. Cristo soon explained why he thinks Ryan is so wrong.

"To me all Muslims are maggots," Ryan said, damning migrants escaping war in Syria as 'selfish.' Cristo let him continue in this fashion, then let rip at Ryan for his views. 

"If you are educated, Ryan, you are not sounding very educated. You're making gross generalizations about Muslims that may have lived here their entire lives who find IS as abhorrent as we do," Cristo said.

"Maybe you should spend less time being xenophobic and more time reading newspapers, Ryan, and then you wouldn't come across as a total and utter fool when you ring radio stations and say that you believe all Muslims are maggots," he added.

"The Muslim that may have treated you at hospital, the Muslim that may have educated your children, the Muslim that may have sold you something at the corner shop, the Muslim that may have been here and contributed and worked all of their lives in order to make a better life for themselves, and to pay taxes here in the United Kingdom, you would call them a maggot?"

"Yes," said Ryan.

"You're an idiot," responded Cristo.  

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