Darren Adam Tells Caller Exactly Why Online Trolling Should Be Illegal

13 April 2017, 10:29

Darren Tells Caller Online Abuse Must Result In Criminal Action

Caller Katie told Darren Adam that online abuse shouldn't result in prosecution - but the LBC presenter wasn't having any of it.


This caller tried to tell Darren Adam that online threats of violence should not be illegal - he swiftly told her why she's wrong.

Katie phoned into the LBC Presenter's show during a conversation about a man who was jailed for four months after threatening to stab a Tory MP "to death".

Fifty one year old Mark Sands was angry at proposed disability cuts and warned his local MP Caroline Ansell that "if you vote to take £30 off my money, I will personally come round to your house... and stab you to death".

The caller said she thinks that making this kind of cyberbullying illegal is a step too far, but Darren Adam told her why she's wrong.

Katie told Darren: "I think it's all getting a bit out of hand. I think everybody is very scared about everything that goes on online. 

"They're all a bit, kind of, knee-jerk reaction if somebody sends you a tweet that you don't like, or if somebody sends you a Facebook message that you don't like, we've got to put something in place. 

"I find it all a bit weird." 

Watch the clip to see what Darren had to say. 

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