Darren's Compelling Case Against War On Drugs

Cannabis Picture

Could we save lives by legalising some drugs? Darren Adam makes a very strong case that we could - can he convince you?


A senior police officer claimed there was "no safe way to take drugs" after a 17-year-old died at a music festival.

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So Darren asked his listeners if he was right - or whether we might save some lives by legalising drugs. He pointed to the example of Portugal, which decriminalised drug use in 2001.

"You take the supply of these substances out of the hands of criminals. That for me is reason enough to consider very, very strongly doing something similar to what's happened in Portugal."

"Secondly, we'll be able to control the strength of these substances. We will be able to determine how strong something should be.

"There's a reason that 70% proof rum isn't sold any more. It was dangerous and we were able to ensure that it isn't legally sold...It's taxed as well. That's another conversation that we can get in to."

Darren didn't stop there.

"This idea that because you decriminalise something you're going to automatically increase the number of people who want to try it.

"Firstly that's not borne out by the numbers in Portugal...but how stupid would you have to be to take heroin simply because it's been decriminalised?"

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