Remember Blair For These Policies, Not Iraq War: Darren Adam

1 May 2017, 10:29

Remember Tony Blair For These Policies, Not Iraq War: Darren Adam


When a caller said Tony Blair should be judged only on the Iraq War, Darren Adam reeled off a list of other things the former PM should be rememebered for.

The former Prime Minister is planning to return to frontline politics as he wants to "shape the debate" around Brexit.

On the 20th anniversary of the election that brought Mr Blair to power, Darren says we should remember the former PM for more than just the war in Iraq.

When caller John asked what Blair should be remembered for, Darren said: "Record employment, for example. The funding for pupils in England doubling, record levels of literacy and numeracy in schools.

"The rise in Gift Aid, the £200 winter fuel payment to pensioners, devolution indeed which a lot of people do think is a credit and something to be applauded.

"The scrapping of Section 28, which was the law which forbade teachers from telling pupils it is ok to be gay.

"A million social homes being brought up to standard, free TV licenses for the over 75s.

"I'm just picking these at random."

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