The State Is Forcing Chocolate Bars To Be Smaller And Darren Is Furious

8 February 2017, 09:57

Darren Adam angry

Chocolate manufacturers are making their bars smaller to meet government guidelines and Darren Adam is not happy about this.

Chocolate bars including KitKat, Dariy Milk and Mars will be smaller in order to reduce the amount of sugar people in Britain consume.

The State Is Making Chocolate Bars Smaller And Darren Adam Is Furious

2017 has been a difficult year, but something has tipped Darren Adam over the edge... the state is making chocolate bars smaller.


And Darren is angry that they are choosing to make our chocolate bars smaller, rather than other options, such as reducing the amount of sugar in the bars.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "These are the manufacturers who have decided that one of the reasons that chocolate tastes so nice is that it has a certain amount of sugar in it.

"So rather than compromise on taste, they have decided that, to meet these government targets, these government aims, they are going to reduce the size of the chocolate bars in question.

"2017 is already the year many people are dubbing 1984, we're now at the point of chocolate rations being reduced and no one has yet noticed.

"Doubtless, the reduction in size of chocolate bars will probably be presented by someone in government as a good thing.

"Orwell may have been more right than he realised."

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