Darren On The Crucial Thing SNP Voters Ignore When They Slate Labour

20 April 2017, 09:40

Darren On The Crucial Thing SNP Voters Ignore When They Slate Labour

Darren Adam laments "preposterous" collapse of the Labour vote in Scotland in the wake of the 2014 independence referendum.


Darren Adam highlights the "preposterous" hypocrisy of SNP voters in Scotland.

Darren Adam is really annoyed at the hypocrisy of SNP voters who criticise Labour in Scotland. On his LBC show he explained why.

Darren said: "I find this utterly, utterly preposterous, and I cannot imagine what has gone through the head of a voter in Scotland to decide that they aren't going to vote for Labour anymore because Labour were in bed with the Tories in the referendum.

"That is what has driven the vote into the toilet in Scotland. There is this bizarre sense that Labour must be punished for taking the same position as the Conservatives on a constitutional issue, which is of course what happened in the separation referendum in 2014. 

"Last year, Nicola Sturgeon was on stage with Amber Rudd, on the same side in a constitutional referendum. She was literally standing shoulder to shoulder with the Conservatives, and for that matter, Angela Eagle of the Labour party as well.

"And yet for some reason, the SNP aren't to be punished in Scotland for that reason. It is utterly extraordinary to me that the Labour party in Scotland is being punished, still, for being on the same side as the Conservatives in a binary constitutional referendum in 2014.

"And the SNP are not to be punished for doing exactly the same thing two years later. I can still, as someone who lives in Scotland, absolutely not even begin to get my head around that." 

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