This Is Why So Many Men Battle Loneliness

3 May 2017, 13:29

Darren On Loneliness In Men

The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness says millions of men in Britain are being blighted by feeling lonely. Darren Adam has a theory on why this might be the case.


The Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness says that there's a silent "epidemic of loneliness" amongst British men. Darren Adam has a theory on why that might be the case.

Almost three million men - more than one in every ten - battle lonely feelings every day.

The Commission's study of 1,200 also found that 35 is the average age at which men feel the loneliest.

Darren took some suggestions from callers about how to beat loneliness that included talking to strangers. For Darren, that's a lot to ask from a lot of men who don't find it easy to chat to people they don't know in public places.

"Maybe your relationship has broken down, maybe you never got into one.

"Certainly all of your friends that you were hanging out with when you were 25, 30, 35 are now dads, they are with their wives, their partners.

"If you're in that position...and you're not a talkative do you start from the position?"

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