Andy Burnham: Don't Count Jeremy Corbyn Out

5 May 2017, 17:59

Andy Burnham: Jeremy Corbyn Could Turn It Around Yet

Labour's Andy Burnham is the new Mayor of Greater Manchester and he's got a message: don't count Jeremy Corbyn out yet.


Labour's Andy Burnham is the new Mayor of Greater Manchester and he's keen to get one message across: Jeremy Corbyn helped win votes for him.

"Did Jeremy Corbyn add to your votes or detract from them?" Iain asked Andy, less than an hour after he was confirmed as Manchester's new Mayor.

Some other Labour candidates have said Corbyn cost them victories in the local elections, with Siôn Simon in the West Midlands claiming that Corbyn's position on defence and immigration caused him problems.

But Burnham was clear: Corbyn still has a chance to win the General Election.

"I think he added to the vote in many ways.

"Young people are turned on to what Jeremy is saying about the ways that politics needs to change.

"I wouldn't, if I were you, call things too early. People want some real change in politics."

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