Ann Coulter Insists Trump And Brexit Mean Special Relationship Stronger Than Ever

10 November 2016, 17:31

Dale Coulter

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter tells LBC's Iain Dale that America and Britain are "caring about our own people first" and that can only strengthen the Special Relationship.

Ann Coulter: Brexit Just Made The Special Relationship Stronger

Right wing commentator Ann Coulter tells Iain Dale that after Brexit and Trump's election, the Special Relationship is stronger than ever.


The British media has been giving a lot of coverage to how far down Donald Trump's call list Theresa May was.

But Coulter insists the British PM has nothing to worry about and says that May and Trump can be "BFFs".

"We're going back to America, of course there's a Special Relationship!

"We're a colony of yours."

So why Trump leave it so late to call Theresa May? The answer, as in most Trump questions, is that he's not a politician.

"Trump hasn't been a politician before, he's probably not paid attention to the protocol of calling your BFF first.

"Now that you guys have passed Brexit and we've elected Donald Trump, we have even more in common. We're caring about our own people first!"

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