"Boris Sounds Like Trump’s Ambassador, Not Foreign Secretary"

11 July 2017, 18:21

Labour MP: Boris Sounds Like Trump’s Spokesman, Not Foreign Secretary

Labour MP: Boris Sounds Like Trump’s Spokesman, Not Foreign Secretary


Boris Johnson is beginning to sound like Donald Trump’s ambassador rather than the British Foreign Secretary, a Labour MP has told LBC.

The Foreign Secretary has found himself in hot water after he said the EU could “go whistle” over demands for a so-called Brexit divorce bill.

Mr Johnson was responding to questions in the Commons over when he described the demands as “extortionate”.

Boris Johnson. Donald Trump. Chris Bryant

Pro-Remain and Labour MP Chris Bryant was one of those not amused by the Foreign Secretary’s language as he tore into the Tory politician.

He told Iain Dale: “There’s a problem that Boris doesn’t ever know how to temper his language.

“If you’re in a negotiation it has to be a process of steady as you go and Boris isn’t emotionally capable of that.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn branded Mr Johnson “arrogant” and said the “silly remarks” were counter-productive.

The words were echoed by Mr Bryant, as he added: “He sounded more like Donald Trump’s ambassador than he sounded like the British Foreign Secretary.”

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