Caller Turns Heads By Claiming America Is More Dangerous Than North Korea

8 August 2017, 18:57

Caller Defends North Korea By Claiming US Is More Dangerous

Caller Defends North Korea By Claiming US Is More Dangerous


This caller left Iain Dale literally lost for words when he tried to argue that America was more of a threat than North Korea.

Mahmood rang LBC as Japan warned the secretive state was able to miniaturise a nuclear warhead to load on to a missile.

In its defence white paper, Japan’s government said Pyongyang’s weapons programme had “advanced considerably”.

Iain Dale Kim Jong Un

The LBC caller took things to the next level when he tried to argue the real threat to world peace was the United States.

The claim left Iain astonished, as Mahmood told him “North Korea just wants its sovereignty”.

The heated row continued as Mahmood then accused the US of committing a war crimes, citing the dropping of a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima during WW2 as his evidence.

Many people were left riled by Mahmood's remarks as Iain was soon bombarded with a flurry of calls.

Watch the clip above and see whose side you're on.

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