Chief Minister "Gibraltar Will Choose Staying British Over EU"

12 December 2016, 19:30

Fabian Picardo Gibraltar minister

The Chief Minister of the British territory made clear where region's priorities lie when it comes to Brexit - but they do need special consideration.

Fabian Picardo is in the UK to meet with the government to discuss what their plan is for the British territory which is connected to Spain.

The region was 97% in favour of Remain in the referendum, but speaking to Iain Dale, Mr Picardo made clear that Gibraltarians have no desire to resist the result and leave the UK. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

"If the choice is access to the European Union’s market or staying British, well there’s not going to be access to the European Union’s market. It’s that simple.”

Gibraltar Chief Minister Makes Clear His Territory's Brexit Priority

Gibraltar Chief Minister says the territory will choose Britain over the EU.


However, Mr Picardo also explains that because of the region’s unique connection to Spain, which would like to control the area, the British government must give special consideration to the issue of trade and movement for Gibraltar.

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