Children’s Commissioner: Social Media Giants Reluctant To Pass On Extremist Content Data

28 September 2017, 19:10

The Children’s Commissioner has told LBC social media giants have not responded to her requests for information relating to extremist content posted online.

Anne Longfield said she had not heard back from the likes of Facebook or Google for data which shows the number for requests for illicit videos to be taken down.

The government has recently stepped up pressure on social media companies to remove online terrorist content.

The Home Secretary Amber Rudd previously warned that extremists have exploited web platforms as a way of spreading their “hateful messages”.

In an exclusive LBC phone-in, Ms Longfield admitted she did not have the powers to for force them to hand over the information - but gave the companies “two weeks” to comply.

She said: “We have a lot of contact with social media companies and they’re very aware of the concerns I have about transparency and their lack of responsiveness.

“There’s a commitment to work with me, that’s great, but I want kids to know that’s there, I want them to be really avert about it because these are clever, clever people.”

The Children’s Commissioner continued: “What I don’t have yet is the data that says how many requests for posts to be removed from kids come in, and how many are removed."

Setting up her timeframe for social media companies to respond to her requests, Ms Longdfield added: “I’d like it by the end of the month… But, two weeks time? One weeks time?”

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