Tory Member Tells Theresa May She Needs To Resign To Stop Corbyn

10 October 2017, 18:35

"It's the only way to stop Jeremy Corbyn," said this Conservative member as he told the Prime Minister to step aside.

During her live phone-in with Iain Dale earlier today, the Prime Minister was told by Andy to resign or face electoral ruin at the hands of Jeremy Corbyn.

Mrs May said she agreed it would be a disaster if Jeremy Corbyn reached Downing Street, but her opinion differed on the Tory leadership.

She renewed her promise to fight the next election in 2022.

Andy said: "I'm a Conservative party member and I'm concerned. We're on course for a guaranteed Corbyn win at the next election.

"Currently the only slim chance we've got of avoiding that is fresh leadership. The longer you cling to power unfortunately, the more you increase the certainty of Corbyn."

Watch the Prime Minister's response above.

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