Convinced Corbyn Fan Takes On Iain Over Media "Bias"

9 May 2016, 17:21

Sarah only joined the Labour party to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader and she's fed up with how the media treats her leader - not that Iain Dale agrees.

Sarah admitted that she thought of herself as a Green, but signed up to Labour in order to get Jeremy Corbyn in power last year.

"I'm a Green but I joined my Labour party...because I was so chuffed that somebody I believe who actually cares about people [was running]".

Sarah was furious at how the media treats Jeremy Corbyn but Iain was more than prepared to defend how Corbyn is covered in the press.

"There's been so much hatred against Corbyn, by not only his own side - which is just disgraceful - but I believe the media [too].

"The man can do nothing right, from what we wears to whether he sings the anthem."

Iain responded: "But Sarah to blame the media is incredibly lazy, because all the media is report on what other Labour MPs say.

"There was an interesting story in one of the papers today, you say about his appearance, but appearance does matter in politics."

"Appearance matters!"

"I think he looks sort of arty and caring," said Sarah. "I don't need to see Mr Cameron red-faced, shouting at people in Parliament.

"So he wears a £2000 suit? Well when he gets £54,000 a year rent plus his mum gives him £200,000, his dad gives him £300,000 just as presents, you can afford that kind of stuff.

"All over the world, if we choose to like somebody, it doesn't seem to matter what they wear.

"I think he's a really good chap."

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