Labour Supporter Adamant Jeremy Corbyn Can Be Britain's Donald Trump

16 May 2017, 16:59

Staunch Corbyn Supporter Is Certain Polls Are Biased Against Labour

There's a reason Jeremy Corbyn is lagging behind in the polls, according to this Labour supporter.


On the day Labour launched their election manifesto, this pro-Corbyn caller tried his utmost to convince Iain Dale the polls putting the party behind the Tories should be ignored.

He explained how excited he was for Mr Corbyn to become “Britain’s next Prime Minister”, but when Iain pointed out the Tories had a 20-point lead over Labour, Pavan insisted the polls were not to be believed.

“They said Donald Trump was going to lose,” a defiant Pavan exclaimed.

“They said we were going to be In,” he added, alluding to the Britain’s Brexit vote.

Iain pointed out most polls during both the US Election and the EU Referendum were in within one or two per cent - but that argument wasn’t sticking with this LBC caller.

Pavan went on to defend Labour, claiming polls were against Mr Corbyn: “You can go to any part of the country and get any statistic”.

Watch Pavan's chat with Iain above and see if you're convinced.

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