This Is How To Deal With Crackpot Clinton Conspiracy Theories

7 November 2016, 18:02

Iain Dale Has Fun With Clinton Conspiracy Caller

THIS is how you deal with crackpot conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.


There have been a lot of conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton's campaign but this caller just went too far for Iain Dale.

Adam in Heathrow is deeply suspicious of Hillary Clinton, but when he claimed to know what was in her second batch of investigated emails, Iain had to pull him up on it.

"They've not been made public," the LBC presenter told the caller.

"Why have they not been made public?" fired back Adam. "They're getting the FBI not to investigate further. The higher people are pulling your other caller said about the Freemasonry, that's not a joke!

"These people are pulling the strings."

After Iain tried to talk some sense into Adam - and realised he was getting nowhere - he turned down the fader on the caller and gave him a quick bit of advice: "Get back to watching the X-Files!"

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