IDS: Odds "Very High" That Britain Could Walk Away From EU Talks

28 April 2017, 16:46

Ignore The "Nonsense" The EU Is Talking About Brexit, Says IDS

Iain Duncan Smith slams the "nonsense" coming out of the EU leaders about Brexit.


Iain Duncan Smith says Britain needs to ignore the "nonsense and window dressing" coming out of the EU conference this weekend.

Speaking to Iain Dale, the leading Brexiteer urged Theresa May to ignore any posturing from EU leaders over Brexit.

He even laughed off Angela Merkel's claim that some British people were suffering from "illusions" about our future outside of the EU.

"At the moment you won't get any sense," said Duncan Smith, who said the odds of us walking out of talks at some point were "very high.

"Theresa May has shown incredibly strong leadership...she needs to be able to say, as she said before, that no deal is better than a bad deal."

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