'Every Other Country Hates England, So Let Them Leave'

14 March 2017, 17:44

Caller: 'Every Other Country Hates England, Let Them Be Independent'

Michael has no problem with Scotland or Wales getting their independence - because he's sick of them hating the English so much!


"You would think we were at war!" This caller says that he sees firsthand just how deep the anti-English feeling goes in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

"The only reason Scotland joined the Union in the first place is because the English smashed them and they joined reluctantly - it's a fact!

"I travel around the Union all the time and the hatred towards the English, you know? Everyone batters the English. Whether you go to Ireland, whether you got to Wales.

"There's a hatred, you can feel it."

Iain asked Michael if rugby fans weren't supposed to be less abusive than football fans. His withering response? "Don't be so naive Iain!"

Michael then turned his ire on Alex Salmond, who of course joins Iain in the LBC studio every Wednesday afternoon.

"I don't believe Strugeon wanted this referendum right now. I believe she was pushed into it by that slug."

Will Michael call The Alex Salmond Phone-In tomorrow to lay that claim - and that very nasty insult - at him? Find out on LBC from 4pm.

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