The Extraordinary Caller Whose Friend Turned Out To Be A Terrorist

23 May 2017, 18:18

This is the extraordinary tale of a caller whose friend turned out to be a terrorist who had “always hated the West”.

Taz from East Ham contacted Iain Dale to explain his story in the wake of the devastating bombing in Manchester on Monday night.

The LBC caller said he had a “very brotherly” friendship with his friend, but after time they noticed he had an “inherent hate of the West”.

Taz noted that his friend, who was not named but was born in Britain, viewed anybody who was “non-Muslim” as “automatically bad”.

Iain wanted to know how the man, who is said to be in jail now, got to that point.

“Was he radicalised by someone, something, the internet or what?” Iain asked.

“It was hard to say,” Taz responded. “But a lot of the time he did mention war, how the West kept invading other countries… He just kept blaming the West as a whole.

“I don’t think it was the internet, I just think it was him looking up things about the West”.

Watch the astonishing call above.

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