Iain Dale: It's Time For "Arrogant" Gina Miller To Button It On Brexit

29 March 2017, 18:32

Iain Says It's Time For "Arrogant" Gina Miller To Button It

Iain Dale wants everyone to unite now that Article 50 has been triggered. But he wants to get one last pop in at Gina Miller...


Article 50 has been triggered but lead Remainer Gina Miller isn't impressed by the euphoria Leave voters are disaplying on social media. Iain Dale wants to know why she can't stay quiet.

Miller gave a number of high profile interviews today, including one with Shelagh Fogarty on LBC.

But for Iain Dale, it's time for Miller to stay out of the Brexit debate.

"Haven't we heard enough of Gina Miller for the time being?

"She's said she's 'disappointed MPs didn't exercise their duty'. I mean, the arrogance of the woman to say that.

"Brexit has gone through because the people voted for it. It's about time that Gina Miller actually recognised that."

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