Goldsmith: MPs Will NOT Vote Against Brexit

3 November 2016, 17:09

Goldsmith: MPs Will Not Vote To Overturn Brexit

Zac Goldsmith: It would be "dangerous" for MPs to block Brexit.


Zac Goldsmith says that if MPs vote to overturn the Brexit referendum result, it could lead to a "political revolution".

The former Conservative MP, who resigned his seat over Heathrow but is running as an Independent in the Richmond Park by-election, was asked by Iain Dale for his take on the High Court Brexit ruling.

That judgment means that MPs will get a vote on Brexit and with many of them outspoken critics of the decision to leave the EU, does Zac think the result could be overturned? Absolutely not.

"I don't think there is anything like a majority in Parliament of MPs who would want to block Article 50. Well over three quarters of constituencies voted on balance for Leave, not Remain...most people recognise whatever they voted, if we were to overturn the result of the biggest democratic exercise we've ever had in this country, 17m people, if we put our fingers up to them...I think we'd see the emergence in this country of the sort of far right movements that plague the continent."

Goldsmith, who backed Leave but who says his constituents were vastly in favour of staying in the EU, continued: "I think we would have that if we turned our backs on those 17m people and said: 'You know what? We're going to ignore you.'

"I think there would be something of a political revolution. It would be indescribably dangerous."

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