Iain Dale Confronts Tory Minister With "Embarrassing" Tweet

23 November 2016, 18:19

Dale Javid

Iain Dale puts Sajid Javid on the spot about an "embarrassing" tweet sent by a close colleague of his: the government's Housing Minister.

"What's your view on Philip Hammond's announcement that tenants shouldn't have to pay letting fees, landlords should have to pay that? Because your Housing Minister Gavin Barwell tweeted a few weeks ago that he thought that was the wrong thing to do."

Javid stood by Hammond's announcement, so Iain pressed him on Barwell's clearly different opinion: "It's pretty embarrasing, isn't it?!"

Pushing Javid on whether Barwell was wrong to send that tweet, Iain was determined not to let it go and pushed and pushed for an answer.

That wasn't the only time that Iain and Sajid clashed during the ten-minute interview - relive every moment of their "joust" here:

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