Iain Dale: Gibraltar Dispute Sums Up How EU Never Understood The UK

3 April 2017, 19:20

Iain Says Gibraltar Dispute Sums Up UK/EU Rivalry


The issue of Gibraltar looks like it could be an early stumbling block in Brexit negotiations, and the EU’s approach sums up how it doesn’t understand the UK.

Sir Michael Howard sparked controversy on the weekend when he made reference to the Falkland's war when discussing the issue of Gibraltar.

Natalie called in to Iain Dale's drive time show to say she supported his comments, because the UK shouldn't let the EU push us around in negotiations.

"If Scotland want to go they can vote and they can go, but Gibraltar have said what they want to do, so the Spanish need to stop it, because you know what, they're not going to win this one.

"We're bigger boys, we've got bigger boys pants on in this thing."

She also raised an interesting point about membership of the EU club.

"If this is so great, why do they need to punish anyone wants to leave?

"You know, you don't need to punish people who want to leave The Ritz because no one wants to leave because it's great."

Iain agreed with Natalie's points and thought they encapsulated why the EU and UK have never really got along.

"I don't think that the Brussels bureaucrats have ever understood the British psyche, I don't think they've ever understood British politicians, and that's why we've often had so many conflicts with them, because they think that we think in the same way that they do.

"We never have done and that's part of the reason why we voted to leave."

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