One Caller's Story: Hate Crime On The Streets Of London

14 November 2016, 18:36

Hate Crime On The Streets Of London: One Caller's Story

Julianna is a mixed-race Britihs woman who called Iain Dale after being racially abused on the streets of London. She blames the rise of the right.


Julianna calls Iain Dale to tell him about being the victim of a hate crime and how she feels it's been sparked by Brexit, Donald Trump and the resurgence of the far right.

"I'm a really proud mixed race person and I'm a really really proud Englishwoman. And I feel fearful living in the middle of London.

"I walked with my baby in the rain last week, I put a scarf over my head to cover my head from the rain.

"I was shouted at, told to f***ing go home, you P*** c***. In the middle of London! I've never experienced any type of racism in my life.

"But it's this sense of fear, of xenophobia, that has been whipped up.

"Seeing Nigel Farage and seeing Donald Trump together is a move to the far a person, living in probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world, fills me with fear for myself and fear for my children."

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At the end of her call, Julianna got a bit emotional, something Iain picked up on: "It's disgusting that people seem to think that [Brexit and Trump] can legitimise their own hatred of other people.

"Please don't anyone ring me and say she's making it up: please don't ring me.

"You don't have that emotion in your voice if you're making it up."

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