Iain Dale: "The UK's Inaction Over Syria Shames Our Country"

13 December 2016, 18:28

Iain Dale shame

In 2013 the UK parliament voted against intervention in Syria. Iain Dale passionately argues that the horror we're now seeing in Aleppo proves we were wrong.

The stories of the murder of civilans and deliberate targeting of children by Syrian government forces as they move through the last rebel held areas of Aleppo are horrifying.

In August 2013, on the back of evidence that President Assad was illegally targetting civilians and using chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, parliament voted on whether the UK should intervene militarily. The vote went against the government and Assad was allowed to freely continue his campaign of barbarity.

Today, Iain Dale, who wrote an article at the time opposing intervention, passionately argued that everyone who held the same view must now surely admit they made a grave error of judgement.

Iain Dale: UK's Failure To Act On Syria In 2013 Was Shameful

As we now see the horror in Aleppo, Iain Dale passionately argues that the UK made a shameful mistake with the vote against intervention in August 2013.


"You see these images on your television today, does that not prove to you that you were wrong? I was wrong. Ed Miliband was wrong. Plenty of Tory MPs were also wrong.

"I think as a nation we should feel collective shame for that vote. I feel ashamed of having written this article because I now know that I was completely and utterly wrong."

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