Iain Duncan Smith's Scathing Attack On Corbyn for 'Politicising Manchester Attack'

27 May 2017, 12:23

IDS's Scathing Attack On Corbyn For 'Politicising Manchester Attack'


Iain Duncan Smith did not hold back in this scathing evaluation of the Labour leader's comments following the Manchester attack.

Jeremy Corbyn took the controversial step to blame Britain’s foreign wars for terror attacks such as the Manchester suicide bombing in a speech yesterday (Friday).

Iain Duncan Smith thinks the Labour leader is "shameful" to have made "a political point" following the terrorist attack, despite the fact election campaigning had resumed.  

IDS said: "I just want to say that I think it was completely wrong of Jeremy Corbyn, so soon after this, to open up this debate by trying to point the finger at successive governments' policies and say they are part to blame, if not in whole to blame, for those who go out and plant bombs.

"I would not have wanted to enter this arena right now, and I think he's done it, and I think it was an error of judgement, and more than an error of judgement, I think actually it was an enormous mistake, because I think it demeans what has happened in Manchester."

Iain Dale then interjected, asking the politician whether he had read the whole speech, and added that apart from the foreign policy, "I could have delivered most of it myself". 

Mr Duncan Smith replied: "You knew exactly what he was doing. He was deliberately trying, off the back of the Manchester attack, to make a political point...to make a political point, even while the police and others are still trying to find who is in this ring, and where it is, and to stop further attacks, I think is a big mistake."

Iain Duncan Smith, who served in Northern Ireland, then went onto make another point about Jeremy Corbyn's alleged association with IRA.

Watch the clip to see what he had to say.  

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