John McDonnell Complains About Media Representation - So Iain Makes An Offer

6 May 2017, 13:16

McDonnell Commits To Weekly Phone-In In Build Up To General Election

Iain Dale offered John McDonnell and Corbyn a weekly phone-in slot on LBC in the build-up to the general election - and McDonnell agreed.


Labour's John McDonnell complained about the lack of fair media representation for Labour, so Iain Dale made him an offer.

Labour's Shadow Chancellor spoke to Iain Dale following the party's historic loss at the local elections on Thursday. 

During the interview he said that Labour doesn't get a fair and balanced representation in the media, but admitted print and online publications are the main culprits for this.  

McDonnell: Labour Will "Come Out Fighting" From Historic Council Election Loss

John McDonnell Spoke To Iain Dale

John McDonnell 

So Iain offered him, and Jeremy Corbyn, the chance to bypass the media and speak straight to the public with a weekly phone-in on LBC in the run up to the election.

John McDonnell agreed - and said he thinks Corbyn will too (he just needs to speak to him first). 

Watch this space!

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