Iain's Take On May's 'Ruthless' First Day As PM

14 July 2016, 17:51

The 'chumocracy' is out, ruthless Theresa is in - Iain Dale gives his assessment of the new PM's purge of the Tory front bench.

Talking on his LBC show, he said that Theresa May’s ruthless first day as prime minister was in some way comparable to Margaret Thatcher.

"We used to talk about David Cameron's chumocracy. Well that has certainly gone because most of his chums have been ruthlessly dispatched from the cabinet.

"Now we have cabinet full of Theresa May’s mates. Why not, she is the new prime minister, but you go down the list of these appointments and she has certainly stamped her authority on this cabinet.

"Make no mistake. Theresa May has started off very ruthlessly and if this is a mark of things to come and her negotiating style, her style of governing, perhaps there are parallels to be drawn with Margaret Thatcher."

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