Jeremy Hunt Says "Arrogance" Of EU Commission Has Changed His Mind On Brexit

3 October 2017, 16:44

The Health Secretary said he found the European approach to negotiations "disappointing"

Jeremy Hunt was a leading light for the Remain campaign during the referendum, but he told Iain Dale that the EU Commission's behaviour during the negotiations had dramatically hardened his position.

He described the Commission as "arrogant" and "disappointing."

Speaking to LBC at the Conservative party conference, he said: "Frankly the way the EU Commission has behaved since the referendum has been very disappointing.

"It's that arrogance that we've seen. Every time we make really generous and open-hearted offers it's not enough.

"It's not about soft or hard Brexit now, it's about do we want a friendship going forward or a messy divorce.

"And Britain's made our choice, we want a friendship, a close friendship. It's up the EU now."

Watch the interview above.

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