John McDonnell Rules Out Any Alliance Between Labour And SNP

19 April 2017, 16:37

Labor Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell Rules Out Any Alliance With SNP


The shadow chancellor told Iain Dale that his party would not be forming alliances and planned to win the election on its own.

“We’re not going into any progressive alliance. What we’re going to do is get out there, set out our policies and what I think we’re going to do is win this election.”

“We’ll shock people with how we can turn this around in the opinion polls.”

Mcdonnell also stated that Labour "are the only party that can bring the country together."

Speaking on Theresa May, the Labour shadow chancellor claimed "she knows the economy now has problems in terms of increasing inflation, wages frozen and higher levels of debt."

"Public services are in crisis, NHS waiting times are going up, pensioners cant get the care that they need, even our prisons are in crisis as a result of the cuts that have gone on."

"She knows she cannot deliver on the Brexit promises that she has delivered. I think on all those problems we have the solutions."

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