Ken Livingstone's Remarkable LBC Interview: In Full

5 April 2017, 16:20

Ken Livingstone On Iain Dale: In Full

Ken Livingstone's full, remarkable interview with Iain Dale.


Here it is: the full fascinating interview that Labour's Ken Livingstone gave to LBC this afternoon - where he mentioned Hitler a dozen times, but didn't say sorry once.

In an extended interview that opened Iain's show, Ken spoke as a new investigation into his comments about Hitler and Zionism was confirmed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It was must-listen radio, as Iain continued to press Ken on the comments that had caused the storm, as well as the impact it's having on Corbyn and his own family.

Throughout, Ken continued to mention the German dictator - something lots of political correspondents and ordinary listeners noticed as they listened along:

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