'Leicester Fan Trouble Had Absolutely Nothing To With Brexit'

13 April 2017, 20:24

Iain Dale Shoots Down Leicester Violence Link To Brexit

Social media has said that Leicester fans fighting with Spanish police is Brexit personified. Iain Dale says that's nonsense.


Social media has turned on Leicester fans after they clashed with police in Madrid, blaming songs about Gibraltar and the fans' attitude on Brexit. Iain Dale won't accept that.

A number of Leicester fans were arrested and hurt after clashes with police that also saw some officers hurt. It all came before Leicester's big Champions League match with Atletico Madrid.

Spanish Police Clash With Leicester City Fans

Caution: contains strong language (Video courtesy @pintsandpyro)


During the disturbance, Leicester fans were caught on camera singing songs about Gibraltar - as well as chants about the Battle of Britain.

That's led to some blaming the entire scene on Brexit:

And Iain Dale was quick to shut that down - insisting the scenes were down to alcohol and nothing else.

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