Defence Secretary Michael Fallon Pledges “No More Army Cuts” Under Tories

18 May 2017, 16:56

Sir Michael Fallon Pledges "No More Army Cuts"

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon tells Iain Dale the Tories will not cut Britain's armed forces.


Sir Michael Fallon has told LBC there will be “no more cuts” to the army if the Conservatives are successful in winning the general election.

The Defence Secretary joined Iain Dale hours after Theresa May unveiled her party’s manifesto ahead of the June 8th vote.

Iain put Sir Michael under pressure to confirm whether or not the Tories had any plans to reduce the size of Britain’s armed forces.

The LBC presenter asked: “At the moment the size of the army is about 87,000 - can you give us a guarantee that won’t be reduced?”

Sir Michael responded: “We’ve said we’ll maintain the overall size of the armed forces, in fact we’re increasing the size of the navy… and there aren’t going to be any more army cuts, I can assure you were aren’t planning on reducing the size of the armed forces.”

Iain was quick to point out: “When politicians say ‘we’re not planning to’ that does leave wiggle room doesn’t it?”

Sir Michael once again confirmed there were “no more plans” to reduce the size of the army.

Watch the interview above and see what you think. 

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