Now Is Not The Time For A Public Sector Pay Rise, Says Iain Dale

3 July 2017, 17:25

Now Is The Wrong Time For A Public Sector Pay Rise, Says Iain Dale

Now Is The Wrong Time For A Public Sector Pay Rise, Says Iain Dale


Britain is borrowing £5,000 every second - so how can now be the right time to increase pay for public sector workers? This is Iain Dale’s take.

The issue has dominated the headlines over the past week, with Boris Johnson becoming the latest minister urging the Prime Minister to lift the one per cent pay cap for public sector workers.

Downing Street insists its position on pay for dentists, nurses, doctors and the military has not changed - with the budget already agreed for this year.

But, with mounting pressure growing on Theresa May to scrap the cap, Iain pointed out why now is the complete wrong time for such move.

Iain Dale

He said: “We do need to put this into perspective and I’m not being harsh here, I’m trying to point out some facts of life.

“On average public sector workers are paid more highly than private sector workers.”

Iain noted how he felt there were professions, such as nurses, that did deserve a pay increase but explained how no politician calling for such rise had a feasible way to pay for it.

“If they don’t raise taxes, they will have to borrow more,” he said.

“Then we saddle the next generation with even more debt than they’re saddled with at the moment.”

Watch Iain’s take on public sector pay in full above and see if you agree.

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