Osborne Told LBC Last Week He Had No Plan For Brexit

24 June 2016, 04:28

George Osborne Dark

George Osborne's credibility is shot as the UK votes for Brexit and and he has to resign, says Iain Dale.

The Chancellor told LBC earlier this week that he has no plan for the UK economy should the nation vote to leave the European Union.

He said: "Britain does not have a plan for Brexit. It's not for me to come up with [Leave's] plan.

"It wouldn't just be when we left in two years time that the economic hit would come," said Osborne. "It would start to come this coming Friday.

"That's when the uncertainty would start."

Iain says that means he shouldn't stay in his job.

Speaking on Britain Decides, LBC's results show, Iain said: "As far as I'm concerned - and I like the man and have a lot of respect for him - but his credibility has to be shot after this.

"Because he has been at the forefront of the scare stories about what might happen. People haven't believed him. People have openly laughted at him.

"One person tweeted me while I was interviewing him saying he's the politician that's cried wolf once too often. With the punishment budget, he lost credibility with his own Conservative politicians.

"You can't stay in the job after something like this, can you?"

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