Suzanne Evans Says Raheem Kassam Doesn’t Have Qualities To Lead Ukip

24 October 2016, 17:27

Suzanne Evans On Raheem Kassam And Why She's Up For A Fight

Suzanne Evans addresses controversial tweets from Raheem Kassam and says she's "up for a fight".


Suzanne Evans says the party members will decide on Kassam’s behaviour and that she and fellow leadership contender Paul Nuttall are “Team Sensible”.

Raheem Kassam, the former adviser to Nigel Farage, is accused of deleting a number of crude tweets about the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon and Labour’s Angela Eagle. Iain read the deleted comments to Suzanne and posed the question “this man can’t lead the party, can he?”

Suzanne was very diplomatic in her answer, conscious of the fact that Ukip has been making the news for its very public in-fighting recently.

“Raheem’s record will speak for itself. Paul [Nuttall] and me are ’Team Sensible’.”

Positioning herself as a unity candidate, Ms. Evans was careful not to personally criticise Mr Kassam, and even offered a slight compliment - before reaffirming her own credentials.

“He does have qualities, but I have more of the right qualities to be leader.”

With all this effort to not attack her opponent for the top job in Ukip, Iain asked Suzanne whether she was really ready for what will surely be a “bruising” contest.

“I am.” Evans said with a smile, “I am up for a fight.”

Ukip will announce its new leader on November 28.

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