This Is What "Take Back Control" Means To Leave Voters

20 March 2017, 18:44

The Perfect Answer To Remainer's Dig About Taking Back Control

This is what "taking back control" means to Iain Dale.


Fed up of Remainers asking what "take back control" means, Iain Dale explains exactly why it's so important to him and a lot of other Leave voters.

Iain was leading Britain's conversation on the topic of Theresa May stating that March 29th would see Britain trigger Article 50 and formally begin the process of leaving the EU.

He got a text message from a listener called Karl who wanted to put him on the spot: having voted Leave, what laws did Iain want to take back control of?

"I want to take back every single law that has been ceded to Brussels since 1973. Because I have the old-fashioned view that the British parliament should govern this country, the British government should govern this country - not the European Union!

"I want to take back every single law that has been ceded over fisheries, over agriculture...I could go through every single policy area and give you the same answer.

"It is, to coin a phrase, taking back control."

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