Thornberry Laughs Off Iain's "Naughty" St.George's Day Question

22 April 2017, 12:35

St George's Day: Will Emily Thornberry Hang A Flag Out?

The Shadow Foreign Secretary is put on the spot by Iain Dale....


Iain couldn't resist reading this one out...

Thornberry was forced to resign from Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet back in 2014 after posting a tweet of a house covered in St.George's flags while canvassing in Rochester.

The image led to suggestions she was being "dismissive" and "snobbish".

Today, Thornberry joined Iain Dale in studio for the first of his new pre-election Saturday shows. Right at the end of the interview, he hit her with a question from a that played on her previous troubles with the English flag.

"Paul on Twitter says: Can you ask Miss Thornberry if she will be celebrating St.George's Day tomorrow?" asked Iain.

Thornberry chuckled straight away, responding: "In what way?"

Iain: "Put a white flag out of your bedroom window maybe?"

"The only flags we've put out of our window are Arsenal flags!" laughed Thornberry.

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